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We had a large hail storm in July of this year, which destroyed some of the vent covers on our RV roof. While we were replacing these vents, it seemed like a great time to inspect the roof surface and seals. This is something that should be done at minimum once a year, as the seals can crack over time.

While up on the roof, we noticed that the rubber roof was looking rather worn, but not damaged. After doing some research, we found a product that we could put on the roof to revitalize it. Before installing any solar panels onto the roof, we wanted to complete this project.

As outlined in the video, the product comes with a cleaner, primer, and the liquid rubber coating. The cleaner was quite powerful, although if it dries it will leave a haze on the RV. We left the roof to dry overnight before applying the primer, which we let dry for a few hours. The primer coat was basically a glue. It is extremely sticky, and difficult to walk on. I guess you shouldn’t walk on it, but we didn’t really have any other option.

The first coat of liquid rubber went on pretty thin. I think half of the reason for that was the sticky primer surface, The rest of the coats were thicker, the final coat being extremely thick. We ended up doing two rubber coats on that day, and two more the next day.

So far, I really like the coating, and I love how clean and white our roof is. It is still ‘rubbery’ and a bit tacky. One problem we had, and totally my doing, some of the coating was pushed off when I was kneeling doing the solar panels. I’m not sure if this was just due to the pressure of my feet pushing it, or if our walking on the primer weakened it in some way. Either way, I’m not too concerned about these couple of spots.

Liquid Rubber RV Roof Repair Kit (

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