Rainy Days in Cultus Lake BC

Foggy drive through the mountains

It is time once again to say goodbye to family and keep driving. We packed, hitched up, and got on the road. Driving the Coquihalla Highway was a favorite point for both of us as the mountains looked so mysterious while playing peek-a-boo in the fog.

We arrived at the Cultus Lake Thousand Trails and managed to drive right by. Not on purpose, we just totally missed the driveway. There were plenty of sites and we found a nice one under a tree with a little bit of privacy. Since we were in for rain, we expected to spend most of the next few days hanging out inside the trailer.

Playing in the rain

After hiding in the warmth of the trailer it was time to get outside and stretch our legs, so we went on a hunt for some Cultus Lake beach. A walk through what looked like giant maple leaves eventually led us to the lakefront. Unfortunately, it was all a ‘residents only’ section. The cold and dreary weather created a bit of a ghost town, so we snuck in just a bit further for a closer look before heading back to the campground.

Pool had been played and laundry had been done so there was only one thing left to do, a trip with the truck up a forestry road. This road led up the side of Vedder Mountain and promised lots of geocaches. The beginning of the road was in good condition but it deteriorated quickly. So many potholes, it seemed like hundreds. The truck handled them like a champ of course, but it was a rough go inside the cabin. In our trek to the top, we ended up on one side road that started to narrow. And then it started to be less road and more quad trail. Our truck is a beast, but it’s not the size or length of a quad, so we had to flip it into reverse and back on down that road. We did eventually find the top of the mountain but didn’t stay long due to the rain.

On our way back down, we decided to grab a couple of geocaches. The GPS was not playing nice, so we ended up climbing some unnecessary hills. We found the first two, but the last one required too much bushwhacking. By that point, we had had enough rain anyways, so it was time for the bumpy ride back down to get the trailer ready for another travel day.

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