Continuing Our Drive Through Washington

Oh, so that’s what a bonsai is

On the way to Chehalis Thousand Trails, we needed somewhere to stretch our legs. The Pacific Bonsai Museum sounded way more interesting than a Walmart. We thought we were going to see some bonsai trees, you know, the kind they sell in flower shops for cubicle desks. It was so much more. The bonsai on display looked like miniature versions of trees a hundred times their size. We were mesmerized. We learned that bonsai is not a species of tree, it is actually an art form. The trees are sculpted from seeds to look like tiny versions of much older trees. It was fascinating to see the appearance of a full-grown Redwood at the scale of two feet tall. This museum is 100% worth the stop if you are in the area, and it is completely free.

Campground living

We had planned another big city trip on this leg of the journey, so we kept the remainder of the days at Chehalis low key. The campground was massive but mostly closed due to the time of year. Fortunately, the little mini-putt course was open so we could kill time waiting for laundry. It was definitely all the fallen leaves on the green that made us putt over par. Definitely. Since it was close to Halloween, the campground was hosting a dinner potluck. We got all excited, and then missed it. Apparently sometimes ‘dinner’ means lunch. Oh well, we still got to buy a big bag of candy and hand it out to all the little dressed up trick or treaters as they rode around the campground in a tractor-drawn wagon. 

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