Beach Days

Simple Pleasures 

Long Beach Washington stands out as one of our favorite locations so far, largely due to our proximity to the beach. From the Long Beach Thousand Trails campground, it is only a ten-minute walk to a beautiful and quiet stretch of sand. We didn’t need to go anywhere but the beach. It was awesome enough in itself, and Wookie agreed. He loved chasing after toys and wandering along the waterfront. We went down every day, sometimes twice a day. It got chilly at night but the sunsets over the water were gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that we could drive our truck along the beach and watch the sunset from our tailgate. One night we even grabbed some clam chowder and cheese toast takeaway from a local bar to enjoy with the sunset. 

From Beach to Bike

What could make this experience even better? A paved bike path that ran behind our campsite! It was fantastic. We loved how Discovery Trail dipped, climbed, and curved along the coastline. We took the trail a half hour north into the town of Long Beach and wandered around the shops. Of course we couldn’t help but to grab some coffee and donuts from Cottage Bakery to fuel us on the ride back. A longer ride south along Discovery Trail took us to Cape Disappointment State Park, and after a bit of a climb, to a great ocean view at Northhead Lighthouse. The crawl up was as tough as the glide down was delightful. We would have loved to explore more on our bikes, but our legs were pretty wiped out. 

Small Town Halloween

It was great to find a way to celebrate October 31st in this small town. Neptune Theatre was offering a free showing of the Disney movie Hocus Pocus. We walked into the theatre and couldn’t believe that half the seats were mismatched couches. We stuck to the traditional seats, but the quirky style made us laugh. It was also funny that the Disney castle was paused on the screen to begin with and the film skipped randomly throughout the movie. It was such a fun experience.

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