Quiet Days in Pacific City

Best Travel Day Stop

Tillamook cheese seems to be in every grocery store in the US. Finding out we were going to pass right by the creamery was a pleasant surprise. We pulled in halfway through our drive to Pacific City and were greeted by a giant parking lot. hallelujah! The brand new Tillamook Creamery visitors center (built in 2018) was full of information and tasty treats. We really enjoyed the cheese samples, especially the extra sharp variety, and the factory viewing windows were really great. We could have watched the little orange blocks move through the machines for hours. We wandered into the food area, which was a mistake. So many delicious menu items! Eight cheese pizza and peppermint mocha ice cream sounded too good to pass up. They didn’t disappoint. Wookie got some pizza crusts and we were on our way.

Chasing Internet 

Our days in Pacific City followed a fairly consistent pattern; chase internet, hang at the beach, and then hit the hot tub. We were delighted by the ocean view at the Pacific City Thousand Trails lodge, but we couldn’t even open an email on the crazy slow internet. A drive around the campground revealed that there wasn’t really internet anywhere. We kept driving into town and located Stimulus coffee which had the trifecta – great coffee, great internet, and a great ocean view. After putting in some time in front of the laptops, we treated ourselves and Wookie to some beach time. Unfortunately, it was a bit cold, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful coast. It was just too pretty to not take advantage of, and Wookie loves getting his paws and belly all dirty and sandy at the beach. Cold afternoons watching the waves require a warm-up and what better way to do so than a hot tub! We finally found one that was open! It was outside, but the water was toasty. We hung out there almost every night and looked up at the stars. Simple joys. 

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