Normal Travel Days and One Long Travel Day

Packing Up and Into the Truck

What does it mean to start off a travel day? We get up early, make sure nothing is going to fly off countertops while we drive, and hitch the truck up to the trailer. Wookie tries to convince us he should ride shotgun, but we prefer to contain his hairiness to the back seat. Morgan drives and I hop into the passenger seat with my iPad.

Keeping Driving to a Minimum

We decided together that a couple of hours of towing the trailer is plenty, especially when packing up and setting up the trailer have to be added onto that. Our drive to Yosemite was a bit different. It was double our normal drive, but we figured that we shouldn’t have a problem pulling into the campground before dark.

Looking out the Window

One of the best parts about drive days is the changing scenery. There is always so much to look at out the window! One of the memorable parts of our drive to Yosemite Lakes Thousand Trails was the John F McCarthy Memorial Bridge. It felt like a tunnel because the lane going the other direction was actually on top of us!  

Stretching Our Legs

With so much driving, we all needed a break from the truck. It is a bit of an art (and usually a lot of luck) to find a parking area big enough for our 50-foot truck and trailer combo. On the way to Yosemite, Morgan found a triple bonus parking spot! We had ample room to park the truck and trailer, there was a dog park, and it had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge! It was super foggy, but we were still grateful to catch a glimpse of the bridge that we didn’t get to see up close.

Meals on the road

We preferred to pack sandwiches to eat on the road while traveling, but sometimes we would treat ourselves to some fast food. Morgan had In-N-Out Burger on his list of American fast food to try and it was well worth the stop on the way to Yosemite! Wookie tried to place an order for a burger but had to settle for some kibbles.

Unfamiliar Territory

New roads were a common part of travel days. Usually, they were fun and novel. However, after seven hours on the road on our way to Yosemite National Park, we had lost some of our sense of adventure. Unfortunately, before we could arrive at the campground, we had to climb up a series of switchbacks. The sun had set making the mountain highway feel even dicier. At least we couldn’t see the sheer drop-off beside us!

We Made It!

The snowy campground greeted our weary souls, and the camp host gifted us with a pull-thru campsite. Thank goodness! Not that there was much else, as only around 10% of the campground was actually open. Our first thought was to crawl in bed. Instead, we drove down to the campground lodge for some internet and NFL.

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