Definitely not a carpenter

Our Travel Trailer came from the factory with a hide-a-bed couch installed in the slideout. If you have watched our videos, you would know that it was one of the first things that we removed from the trailer. There were a few things about it that we really didn’t like. When the bed was pulled out, it blocked the walkway to get from the bedroom to the bathroom. Also, there was no storage built into the couch.

We decided to do some shopping around for different futons, couches, and hide-a-bed options, and what we found was that our space was limited, and that limited our options.

At this point, we decided that we would have to design and build our own couch. This would give us the freedom to fit the couch into the area that we had in the slide while leaving plenty of space for our dining table and chairs. Another desire for the couch was to be able to convert into a sleeping area in case we had company, or Morgan ended up in the doghouse.

Check out the video to see what we built.

Our couch has a removable arm, and when using the flip-up table it converts into a twin-sized bed. Not something that we intend to use a lot, but we love having the flexibility.

Almost complete couch
Couch in bed mode

Under the couch we have a ton of storage space, which is utilized using 8 plastic totes from IKEA.

Storage under couch

The custom mattress/bottom cushion and the angled back cushions were purchased from Sureline Foam in Calgary. They are very comfortable, and along with the 235 decorative cushions, make it a very inviting place to veg and watch some TV.

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