It’s Still Cold Outside

Thousand Trails 

We pulled into South Jetty Thousand Trails and found it was approximately what we were expecting. Since we had been hopping costal Thousand Trails campgrounds for the past month, we were starting to notice a pattern. The winter cold had the outdoor pools closed, but every second one or so there would be an outdoor hot tub open. The South Jetty hot tub was open and even glowed with colourful lights. All of the campgrounds had a large-sized lodge and free internet. Some of the lodges had a pool table where we could kill some time and laugh at our lack of skills. Laundry facilities were generally clean and reasonably priced. At South Jetty, we sat and watched a Canadian Football League semi-final game while our laundry tumbled in the machines. Outdoor activities were always available, such as basketball, volleyball, and mini-golf, but we generally preferred hiding from the cold and wet air in the comfort of our trailer. 

Where is the Beach?

We got sick of waiting in the trailer for the weather to clear up, so we headed out to explore. We hopped in the truck and started driving toward the ocean because beach time is Wookie’s favorite. The road ended at the South Siuslaw Jetty parking, but the beach was hidden behind a grass-covered dune. So we hiked over the dune, only to find another dune. The trail took us over the ridge of dune number two, and then we found another dune. We started to wonder just how many more there would be to climb over, and if we were even still going in the right direction. A couple more and the landscape flattened out, but we still couldn’t see the water. It was hidden by a dense layer of fog. We walked along the shoreline listening to the rhythmic waves we couldn’t see. The beach ended at the rocky jetty which we followed back toward the truck.

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