Oregon Coast Spectacular

Standing Next to the Big Waves

We already knew how much we enjoyed waves crashing on rocks, so why not search out some more? We found the best viewing yet at Devils Churn on Cape Perpetua. Viewing from the top, we could see how the powerful waves squeezed into a small channel in the rocks and then exploded when their path reached an end. Then we spied a path leading down toward the water. It led to a staircase that put us no more than 20 feet from the angry waves. It was exhilarating to be on the edge of safety. We watched as each wave set rolled in and guessed if it was going to produce a bigger splash than the next. Then of course we had to climb back up to the truck, but the sight had been well worth the effort. 

More Water Plus Rocks Action

Just up the road, and still on Cape Perpetua, we had another opportunity to climb down to where the Oregon coastal cliffs meet the Pacific Ocean. The waves would disappear under the rocks of Sprouting Horn and then a shot of mist would erupt into the air. Just a short walk away, was another attraction called Thor’s Well. This hole in the middle of the rocky shoreline sucked water down over its edges and appeared bottomless. However, the water only disappeared for a minute, and then it all bubbled back up and spilled over the top. As per usual, we could set up a picnic blanket and watch all day, but we had other explorations planned.

Hobbit Tunnels 

Another highly rated attraction of the area was Hobbit Trail. It promised lush greenery, tunnel like trails, and a beautiful beach. It delivered. Every where we looked there were moss covered tree limbs and plants in every shape and shade of green. The path twisted and turned down 300 feet of hillside. We were loving the beautiful forest view, but also wondering if there were going to be any features that would feel hobbit-ish. 

At the final 20 feet before the beach, the trail narrowed and the bushes knit a canopy over our heads to produce an awesome little tunnel. It was a bit odd that the tunnel was lined with dead crabs, but it was still magical nonetheless. The tunnel opened onto a beautiful little beach. We only admired it for a minute before making our trek back up to the truck. All this hiking down to the water and back up to the truck was starting to feel a little bit like déjà vu. 

Our Favourite Lighthouse

Our final stop for the day was Haceta Head Lighthouse. The cost to park was $5 and not covered by our America The Beautiful Pass. At least this time, the climb up was first, so we would get a nice easy walk down to end the day. Fortunately we had enough energy to get up to the best view just above Haceta Head Lighthouse. It was gorgeous. The ocean was a stunning blue backdrop for the recently restored lighthouse. Even better was watching the light itself. Over 600 prisms in the shape of a crystal were rotating around the light to produce the brilliant flashes that marine craft depend on. Sitting back and letting Haceta Head dazzle us was an excellent end to our day. 

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