AMA Travel Medical Insurance Partial Refund

This is a quick post for the sole purpose of passing on some info to those Albertans who are returning to Canada prior to the end date of their AMA Travel Medical Insurance.

We returned March 22 due to the COVID-19 outbreak instead of mid-April as originally planned. It was early enough to warrant looking into a partial refund for the extra travel medical we were no longer going to need.

Check your policy document first. Ours said that we could apply for a partial refund if we had some proof of the date we returned back to Alberta.

We called the number on the back of our travel medical insurance policy card and sat on hold for an hour. Once we got through, the kind lady had to transfer us to the correct department.

If you have AMA Travel Medical Insurance through Orion and had to return to Alberta early call 1-888-799-1522 and make sure you have some kind of receipt that backs up your claim.

Wishing you all health and sanity,


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