Adventures in Boondocking

Somewhere to Spend the Night

It was forecasted to pour rain in Klamath so we decided to keep moving south instead of hanging around. It couldn’t be that hard to find some boondocking along the way right?

An hour down the road was Cher-Ae Casino. We could stay the night for $20. The parking lot was fairly unlevel and it was only noon so we decided to keep driving. The Avenue of the Giants looked like an option and would be a beautiful place to stay the night. Unfortunately, when we arrived it was still pouring and all the ‘no camping’ signs meant we couldn’t park for the night. 

On we went to the next possible stop, Red Fox Casino. We drove through strong gusts of wind and climbed to where the rain turned into snow. The casino ended up being more like a trailer with neon signs and the snow was still falling. Despite the darkness, we chose to keep driving. A Walmart parking lot looked promising until we saw the ‘no overnight parking’ signs. The same thing at a rest stop a little further up the road. We were getting tired and frustrated.

We found an open campsite, hallelujah. Just as we thought we could relax, the site was cash only and we didn’t have enough. At the end of our rope, we drove onto the next casino. Finally, we could park overnight and start this whole game again tomorrow. It might have been worth it to just stay in Klamath. 

First Harvest Host Stay

The Sherwood Valley Casino parking lot was loud so we didn’t get much sleep. On top of that, we woke up to a flat trailer tire that needed to be fixed. One bit of good news was landing a spot at a Harvest Host property down the road. At least we wouldn’t have to hunt for somewhere to stay the night.

The road getting up to Stonehouse Cellars was very skinny and rough, but the property was beautiful. We backed into a spot on their driveway and leveled out the best we could. Then the important work, drinking wine. We headed inside for a wine tasting. It was delicious and the Cellar Master, Daniel, provided lots of great information about the winemaking process. Back in our trailer, we drifted off to sleep to blissful country silence and the occasional owl. 

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