Physical Clutter – Deal With Now Or Later?

I am sitting beside a literal bed-load of things.

Things that are mine. Our king size bed is completely covered and stacked with all the things, all the clutter, I will need to choose what to do with over the next year. I’m sort of in shock at the moment. I really thought that it wasn’t this bad. It looks different though when you put it all in one place.

Everything needs to go into our 26-foot travel trailer next October. Or into storage. Which is where the age-old question comes in for full-time RVers:

Sort or store?

My parents own a large house with lots of storage, so we could leave everything there. However, as gracious as they are, I don’t really want to take advantage of them. We have already discussed being able to leave 2 Rubbermaids. One of my sentimental items and one of Morgan’s. I’m pretty sure that if I let myself think ‘maybe they will be ok with one more’, one more will quickly become ten.

We could pay for storage. But this option sits quite far outside out goals. We are trying to have less to pay for. Don’t really want to add on another bill.

So that really brings us down to sort.

As in, sort out the FEW things we can take with us in the trailer and the rest needs to be redistributed to new homes via Goodwill and eBay.

Now my current dilemma – sort now or sort later?

Due to my difficulties with anxiety, I have an adverse reaction to physical clutter. Meaning, I can’t focus on anything when my things cannot be quickly tidied to their home. However, my anxiety also comes with another symptom. Procrastination. Yay!?!?? So I am sitting here with my things and wondering, do deal with them now so I can focus on the important stuff? Or, am I using my things as a procrastination tool to avoid doing the important stuff? Or am I just procrastinating dealing with my things??? Now I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of hypotheticals.

I’m thinking just deal with it all now.

I keep telling myself ‘I have all year, I don’t need to worry about it now’. Unfortunately, I’m really tired of shuffling stuff around my condo trying to get more breathing room, and the storage unit is pretty full already. But, that said, the tough bit is actually parting with things. The final cut. I don’t have the room to keep it all, but how can I choose? What about all the things I thought were important to read, do, make, complete, enjoy, or keep? What about the things I swear I will use this year (in addition to the millions of other things I want to do)?

I guess I need to remember that when everything is important, nothing is important.


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