Hello California

Saying goodbye to Oregon

Our next campground was a 100 mile (160 km) drive down Highway 101. Unfortunately, the trailer in tow kept us from wanting to stop along the way and take in the beautiful coast. It was hard to leave the beauty of Oregon, but we knew California had much to explore. Across the California state line, there was an inspection station that we weren’t expecting, but luckily we had no fruit or firewood, so the agricultural officer let us pass. 

Chinook RV Resort in Klamath was nearly empty so we had our pick of sites. We chose the riverfront and left our door open to take in the serene water. Our trailer was set up in time to sit down and take in the Grey Cup, the Canadian Football League championship game. If we were back home in Calgary, we would have been at a big annual viewing party with family. So instead we did the next best thing and video called in to say hello to those cheering back at home. 

Fern Canyon

Our visit to Klamath had a very specific reason, the Redwoods National Parks, and specifically one hike. Fern Canyon had been on our bucket list since we watched YouTube videos of others visiting it. Unfortunately, Wookie could not partake in this wonder with us as dogs were not permitted in the park. We drove the hour into Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park on a winding densely forested road. There were even a couple of small lakes the truck needed to navigate. We prolonged our anticipation just a little bit longer by grabbing a nearby geocache on the beach. 

It was not long down the trail before Fern Canyon revealed itself. It really did feel as tropical and lush as it looked on the Jurassic Park Movie. Leafy green ferns carpeted the canyon walls and small streams of water zigzagged back and forth along the canyon floor. We marveled at how the water seemed to come from nowhere and roll over the ferns like rain.

Most people were using slightly unstable logs to cross and navigate the water as they wandered the canyon trail. Morgan had hiking boots on and opted to use the logs. Fellow full-time RVers, The Motorhome Experiment, had done Fern Canyon and recommended rain boots so I came prepared. I walked right down the middle and enjoyed the canyon’s full beauty without complications and with a few jealous onlookers. Rain boots for the win. Except for when I got a bit too cocky and just about had a six-inch-boots-in-a-nine-inch-puddle problem. 

We could have just walked back through the canyon, but decided to check out the top half of the Fern Canyon Loop. It wasn’t quite as spectacular as the canyon, but quite beautiful in its own right. There were mossy rock steps, a wooden boardwalk, and dense forest foliage all around. The trail ended up back at the beginning of the canyon and stopped to enjoy our packed lunch. We couldn’t resist just one more chance to take in nature’s awe-inspiring beauty, plus Morgan wanted to test the water resiliency of his boots. 

We finally tore ourselves away from Fern Canyon and hopped back in the truck for a scenic drive through the state park back home to the trailer. As if taking in such a fantastic hike wasn’t enough for the day, we even got to pass by an elk buck hanging out in the middle of the road! It truly was an awesome day. 

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